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 Welfare Reform Deaths – Memorial Pages




We personally know of these 66 welfare reform deaths from our friends who have died and/or family of those who have been killed by the DWP and ATOS, MAXIMUS & CAPITA et al. Family and friends of the dead have been contacting this website between 2012 and 2019. The much larger UK figure is nearer 4,000 but could be as high as 81,140 welfare reform deaths - government stats: click here. But we have only listed those folk whose family or friends – or even themselves before they die, have gotten in touch. To try and list 4,000 peoples’ deaths would kill off the small group left standing at this end of the website. There is already trauma at losing so many people, several of whom became close friends. So our list is just 66, including the founder of this website, Michael Moore. We really want this welfare reform death toll to stop. Please.

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When Good Men & Women Fail To Act

Evil Triumphs

Conversely, there are good people that restore our faith in human decency. They do make a positive difference. Below we discovered an incredibly decent speech. Calum’s List tries to be apolitical, but the Tories make it very difficult as they wave their flags at conference time and preach bile and hatred towards those who are ill, disabled and dying. Thank goodness for women and men of genuine integrity…

Original Parliamentary Hansard Warning To The DWP – Source: Here

Several of the original Calum’s List subscribers have subsequently died, one of whom was in tears at this speech by John McDonnell.

Does Jo Swinson

Have Blood On Her Hands?

Read the facts reported from HM Coroner (here and here), then review this LibDem mouthpiece’s Jo Swinson’s hypocritical acts. After which, you decide…

Calums List - Jo Swinson

Lethal Bedroom Tax Killers: Source: Here

Jo Swinson’s is a LibDem who loves Maggie Thatcher. Jo Swinson wants another ConDem coalition where she gets “her turn” to be Deputy Prime Minister in the 2019/2020 winter General Election. Jo doesn’t mind if a few vulnerable people are killed on her way there…

Calums List - Jo Swinson Bloody

Photo Above Is Stephanie Bottril In Happier Times

LibDem Careerist Jo Swinson Voted ELEVEN Times For The Bedroom Tax

With evil power-lusters such as Jo Bloody Hands Swinson trampling over the disabled and climbing over corpses to boost her political chances of getting into Downing Street by helping kill the most vulnerable, with her Tory chums, it kinda makes you hanker after the good old days when it was just mild-mannered feckless Sir Nick Clegg O.B.E., C.B.E. G.C., in the office of  Deputy Prime Minister.

Calums List - Jo Swinson Bloody2

Does Jo Swinson Have Blood On Her Hands?

Stephanie Bottrill Left A Note Blaming Jo Swinson’s ConDems. Fact: Here.

What on earth did Jo Swinson do to justify grabbing a C.B.E medal for herself? If you have read the never-ending welfare reform deaths listed here, you might think us reasonable to describe the blood-stained C.B.E., award as a Cripple Butchering Egotist. Too harsh? Go read about Stephen Smith and how he died.

Please don’t get us started on Jo Swinson’s hubby, Sir Duncan Hames and his role as private secretary to Sir Nick Clegg helping him as Deputy Prime Minister. Now Duncan Hames is elbowing his wife in the DPM vacancy direction. The aroma of rodent wafts all around these politicians. The old mantra becomes two and today, 29th October 2019 it is 3…

(1). Never Trust A Tory.

(2). Loathe The Lying LibDems.

(3). Shun The Shameless SNP Shysters.

The SNP + LibDems Are Supporting The Tories

The 35 Scottish SNP MPs are reasonably intelligent but many are shysters, especially their MPs. Investment Banker Ian Blackford, the SNP’s leader at Westminster Parliament is a gambler. Not with his own money, he uses other people (their lives and money). Blackford has taken a “terrible risk” in supporting the Tories and Boris Johnson’s for a general election.  for two reasons:-

1) Narrow, naked, obscene political advantage. SNP Westminster leader, Ian Blackford believes he can boost his London Westminster empire from the 35 SNP MPs back up to 56 SNP MPs

2) Ian Blackford and the whole band of 35 SNP MPs know there is a serious risk that Jeremy Corbyn will lose this election and hand the Tory killers of disabled people 5 years in power at 10 Downing Street.

Exactly 40 years ago, the SNP helped Margaret Thatcher and an earlier right wing Tory Party into power. But here is what may well happen to Ian Blackford and his 35 SNPs as the SNP got their just deserts for supporting the Tories in 1979 and 2019 will be no different…

Calums List 1979 2 MPs

Source: Here.

Calum List - D For SNP

Source: Here.

In 1979 when the SNP supported the Tories and back then it didn’t end well for the SNP. They lost 9 of their 11 SNP MPs and were left with a pathetic 2 MPs.

What nobody in the SNP is telling you now, in 2019 is there is a raging argument about the well-funded-banker-Ian-Blackford’s game of lethal poker..

Click Here

To View Blackford’s Folly

Calum List - SNP Sellout

The politics of the Westminster Parliament seem like a soap opera. Some joke that the second series of Brexit has been commissioned by Netflix.

But this isn’t a joke. If you read the names on

Calum’s List


You will understand why we here get so very upset.

Whether the SNP end up with Tory blood of the disabled and vulnerable on their hands is not yet clear. Some in the SNP speak out…

Calums List Angus MacNeil Defiance

Maybe Tweet Angus MacNeil the SNP rebel.

Tweet Here

Angus does NOT want the SNP to support the Tories.

Calums List Angus MacNeil3

SNP Rebel: Angus B. MacNeil: here

At Calum’s List, we don’t do Twitter as the team member who used to run social media was killed off by the Tory welfare reforms.

Calums List - Angus Brendan2

If you are on Twitter, maybe let Angus know he is right to DEFY the SNP bosses that support the lethal Tory government.

Calums List - Angus Brendan Knows

Angus MacNeil, SNP MP Knows Suicide Is A Major Issue.

He Tweeted About It – here.

This is ONE rare chance to get rid of Boris Johnson, yet the SNP are supporting the Tories secure a general election in the full knowledge that the Conservative Party are 10% to 15% ahead in the polls. If the SNP help the Tories get back into government, then…

Many Scottish SNP politicians will have blood on their hands.

That may sound unpalatable. But think about seeing your son/daughter, sister/brother, mother/father die in front of you as a result of Tory welfare cuts and you will have an appreciation what our 66 bereft friends (and ourselves) on this website have been through. We have only listed those folk who have had family members end up on Calum’s List. There are an estimated 81,000 to 130,000 UK wide welfare reform deaths to the date of this report (29th October 2019).



Can You Help Us?

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Calums List - DWP Killers

All you need do to help reduce the number of Welfare Reform Deaths and Universal Credit suicides is to share a link to this welfare reform death memorial list on Facebook and Twitter.

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Calum’s List

 Welfare Reform Deaths – The Original Memorial Pages… 

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Political Karma

The last few disabled people here at Calum’s List who have not yet been killed off by the Tories have watched our friends being dehumanised since the Conservative/LibDem government came to minority power as per the general election of 6th May 2010. For the past few weeks we have watched in awe as the UK political system goes into meltdown.

Please can readers forgive us a little light relief as many of us who are still alive (just) could do with a smile. Even if it is a grin of chagrin…

Calums List Number 10 Squatter Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson. Squatting at Number 10 Downing Street as Bad Joke Prime Minister.

His idol is Sir Winston Churchill.

But Boris Johnson has NO moral right to inhabit number 10 Downing Street.

23,716 votes from people in Uxbridge and South Ruislip voted for Boris Johnson

92,153 of Conservative Party Members voted for Boris Johnson.

Equals 0.13% of the British Electorate voted for this clown



Some national newspapers have blood on their hands because they encourage disability hate crimes whilst suppressing reports of the DWP Universal Credit and ATOS etc., lying WCA assessment horrors that send people to their deaths. We are working on a class action agaist the DWP/ATOS/MAXIMUS/CRAPITA for criminal infraction. In addition we are assembling newspaper incitement to hatred of the disabled for a prosecution. Please let us know if you have any information. Thanks.

Political Karma 2nd Batch

There is a phrase: “Intruding on private grief”. God knows the DWP have intruded on the private grief of many UK citizens. The DWP caused most of the grief. So Calum’s List are updating this news page with a little off-beat humour and some stonking memes at the evisceration of the Tories imploding. Political karma is, refreshingly alive and well.

PLEASE will the voters in England think about what you do when you continue voting Tory? The electorate in Scotland and Wales get it. They have little time for the murdering Tory DWP. Northern Ireland is different as Arlene likes a good bung and the DUP rule the roost in the province.

It is the Nasty Party, a.k.a., the Conservative Crooks led by Boris the Lying Buffoon and his cronies that seem to love kicking the weak and vulnerable. Plus those stupid working class people in the south east of England who think they are Tories and keep voting these sick sadists back in…

Calums List - Working Class Tory Voter

PLEASE, can you share these members on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

That WILL help highlight how unfit for public office there dreadful human beings are and hopefully, at long last, sway public opinion that it is NOT okay to kill a cripple.

Additions To Calum’s List

Steph Smith

Calum’s List: Number 66.

Please consider copying the following photo and post it onto your Facebook or Twitter account with a link to  The more decent-minded folk that understand welfare reform deaths are a real problem, the more likely we are to stop ill people being worried to their deaths. Thankyou…

Calums List - Steph Smith Has Died

Stephen Smith: The DWP Have Blood On It’s Hands: Click Here

Transform that anger into doing something to let other people know they are not alone. That there is hope to get these politicians into court. Please help us share this memorial website on social media.

Even better, please copy a photograph: perhaps even Theresa May pity-me, pity-me photo meme at the top of this page and put it on your Facebook timeline and Twitter feed with…

The more decent people that know about the dirty DWP secret of 81,140 welfare reform deaths (and 10,000 more since that government report here) the more likely political pressure will be applied to…

Stop The Welfare Reform Deaths

Thank you.


PLEASE do NOT do this. It just gives the Tories ammunition to distract the great British public from who is killing whom. Click here for the real death toll. These are govt., stats.


Political Karma 3rd Batch

Goodbye Theresa

Please consider copying the following photo and post it onto your Facebook or Twitter account with a link to   Thankyou..


Theresa May lasted around 3 years as prime minister. The buck stopped with her during that time when 3,633 people with disabilities were killed off by her Secretaries of State at her Department of Work & Pensions.

All the gushing sympathy for a feckless failure of a prime minister. Whereas the truth is genuinely terrible and for many, terrifying…

Calums List - Chris Cairns Is A Star

With Compliments & Heartfelt Thanks To Chris Cairns (here)

God help the disabled with what comes next. Boris Johnson will have no compunction about euthanising more disabled people to save money for his rich Tory Toff pals. And still people, who, in most terms are decent, keep voting Conservative. Go figure.


News & Updates

The prime reason for Calum’s List is to always remember the names of real people who have passed away where the Department of Work & Pensions welfare reform has had culpability in the premature deaths of people with disabilities and/or illness, or just murder of decent folk by Universal Credit.

Calums List - Universal Credit

The subscribers to this website are also aiming to STOP these welfare reform DWP deaths. To this end, news and updates are added to the narrative below. Please check back regularly as from September 2019 we believe real progress is being made.

Calum List - DWP Shysters


 Today, 21st July 2019 our hearts sank. We learnt from friends of… 

Philip Herron

Calum’s List: Number 65

Please consider copying the following photo and post it onto your Facebook or Twitter account with a link to  The more decent-minded folk that understand welfare reform deaths are a real problem, the more likely we are to stop ill people being worried to their deaths. Thankyou…

Calums List - Phillip Herron MAIN

Phillip Herron. Another DWP Suicide

Young single dad of three waited weeks for no DWP Universal Credit

Phillip had just £4.61 left in his bank account when he took his own life. Phillip was just 34 years old. The DWP persist in evading any responsibility.

There are now three young children without their father.

The Department of Work & Pensions along with Sadist of State the outgoing Amber Rudd MP and her DWP henchmen and women trotted out their usual cynical excrement…

“Our thoughts are with Mr Herron’s family. Suicide is a very complex issue, so it would be wrong to link it solely to someone’s benefit claim. It was not us at the DWP. We always cover our backsides. The usual excuses: a big boy did it and ran away constable. Anyone losing their job or becoming ill/disabled… Jog along now back to your foodbanks you plebs (Tory Andrew Mitchell term: here)”

The truth of this tragedy has been discovered by Phillip’s mum after she was able to access his mobile phone…

“Universal Credit was the final nail in his coffin, said Phillip’s grieving mum Sheena Derbyshire.”

At Calum’s List, we believe after paying years of PAYE and National Insurance, the DWP owed Phillip Herron and his children a duty of care. The DWP have more blood on their hands.

Calum List From The Crypt

On The Right – Back From His Crypt.

Mr Ian Deathly Smith Wants To Kill off As Many Disabled As He Can Get Away With.

Many disabled people on Duncan-Smith’s Death Row are praying 1,220 good people from Chingford (and especially) Woodford Green change their vote at the next General Election so this blood-sucking reptile will be turfed out of Parliament.

Iain Duncan-Smith penny-pinched from the poorest in his the design of Universal Credit – making that safety net paid monthly in arrears, meaning an average wait of at least five weeks for the first payment. Mass murderer Duncan Smith, aged 65 has a lot of blood on his hands.

Meanwhile, this is all too late for Phillip Herron. Died from Duncan-Smith’s policies of foodbanks, ATOS, Maximus and Crapita. Driven by the gerrymandered Work Capability Assessments that treat the sick, disabled and those on hard times to foodbanks, homelessness and self-destruction.

Phillip Herron’s mum, Sheena hopes that the evidence she found on her son’s mobile phone incriminating the DWP will be used at a full inquest into Phillip’s death, at Sacriston, Co Durham, and expose the failings of Universal Credit. Our hopes and prayers are with Sheena, her family and those poor wee children who just lost their dad.

Click Here For Further Details For Phillip Herron


Political Karma 4th Batch

Please Help Us Hashtag # The Hell Out of Calum’s List.

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Like some grotesque hokey cokey the DWP secretaries of state of come in, out, in, out shake it all about…

On 7th September 2019, Amber Rudd smelt her constituency majority of 346 dissolve and chucked her job.

This man, the squatter in number 10 Downing Street…

Calums List - Boris Johnson The Number 10 Squatter Photo 4

Is now seriously considering raising his pet psychopath, Dominic Rasputin Cummings to the House of Lords and then as an unelected peer, bring him/it back as the new Secretary of State for Work and Pensions.

Who do YOU want for the new DWP Secretary of State…

Calum List - Voldemort at DWP

Voldemort The Slightly Bad ^^^

Or his twin…

Calum List From Dominic Voldemort

Voldemort The Utterly Evil ^^^

Who do YOU want for the new DWP Secretary of State?

The previous DWP Secretaries of State have been a dodgy crew. Perverts, psychopaths, disability-haters, expense-fiddlers, liars, no-marks. What on earth have people done wrong in the UK to deserve these political has-beens- retreads and rejects.

Amber Rudd. Worth Less Than Mud…

Calums List - Amber Rudd Ex DWP4

In, out, in out. Another one bites the dust…

Calums List - Amber Rudd Ex DWP

Esther McVey. Esther’s Away…

Calums List - Esther McVey OUT2

Self-Serving Evil Personified. How Could This Be Left In Charge of The DWP?

Calums List - Esther McVey OUT

 David Gauke. Would Make You Baulk…

Calums List - David Gaulke OUT

Loathsome reptilian politician. Reinvented as a man of Brexit principle. Truthfully the advice: “Never trust a Tory” holds firm with this slitherer…

Calums List - David Gaulke

Damian Green. Pants Full of Cream…

Calums List - Damian Green IN

How on earth did this plonker pulling pervert got passed GSHQ security vetting?.

Calums List - Damian Green OUT

 Stephen Crabb. Itched Like A Scab. Was Dull Dim & Drab…

Calums List - Stephen Crabb IN 1

Stephen Crabb, a kindly man who helps cure homosexuals of their gay illness.

Calums List - Stephen Crabb OUT 22

 Obersturmführer Iain Duncan-Smith. At best deluded. At worst? Going to Hell...

Calums List - Iain Duncan Smith IN

This arrogant, lying, CV dodging, cowardly parasitic creep is best judged by his own words and deeds

Calums List - Iain Duncan Smith OUT

The long list of political failure and purveyors of hopelessness and death by DWP brown envelope…

Calums List - DWP SoS

 Between 2016 and 2019 there were FIVE secretaries of state for the DWP. 

That is simply no way to run a major government department.

The new DWP Secretary of State for the next couple of months is Dr Thérèse Coffey. Not a medical doctor, but a post-graduate chemist in the same ilk as her guiding light, Margaret Thatcher. May God have mercy on the souls those in the care of the DWP under this dinosaur.

Calums List - Therese Coffey

The nightmare continues. Let us hope that as of 30th September 2019 the opposition parties get their act together and our nomination for an ELECTABLE caretaker prime minister for Parliament to vote for and replace Boris the Buffoon, will be John Bercow.

Please Help Us Hashtag # The Hell Out of Calum’s List.

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Calum’s List: Latest Tragic Additions

The Department of Work & Pensions view these people as numbers.

They are NOT numbers. They are human beings whose lives have been cut short by Iain Duncan-Smith, Stephen Crabb, Damian Green, David Gauke, Esther McVey, Amber Rudd and whatever other political has-bee, retread or dreg the squatter in number 10 Downing Street drags up to inflict on those fighting terminal illness and their ilk. 


 Earlier Tragic Update

Jodey Whiting. Number 64

Killed By DWP Errors

Jodey Whiting

Jodey Whiting. Killed By The DWP?

Joy Dove, mother of Jodey Whiting was “shocked” by the extent of the failings outlined in documents from the Independent Case Examiner (here).

Joy says: “This was awful. There was no need. They pushed her to it” suicide.

Jodey Whitings Mum

A Mum’s Worst Nightmare. Was Her Daughter Killed By The DWP?

The examiner found the DWP did not follow procedures which should have seen it telephone and visit Ms Whiting after she missed the appointment. Jodey’s mum is seeking legal advice over whether any further action is possible.

The DWP said it apologised to Ms Whiting’s family for “failings in how we handled her case”.

A spokeswoman added: “Our thoughts are with them at this difficult time and we are providing compensation.”

What compensation? HJodey is dead and the DWP cannot bring her back.

Readers of this can help Jodey’s mum and thousands of others. You can stop this carnage. Please consider signing the petition…

Jodey Whitings Petition

15,222 Signatures To Date

To Read & Sign This Petition Click Here


Elaine Morrall. Number 62.

Died – 2nd November 2017

Cause of Death? Universal Credit?

Is it now time for manslaughter charges? Is it time to bring DWP civil servants and government ministers who were warned about these deaths by HM Coroners and doctors many years ago and failed in their duty of care? There are so many DWP deaths and a paper trail leading to DWP Decision makers + Atos + Capita + Maximus contractors. All the way up to private sector CEOs and DWP ministers such as Esther McVey, Chris Grayling and Iain Duncan-Smith. All linked indelibly to the Atosisation of UK disability payments? The result….

Elaine Morrall should not have died. Her death was entirely avoidable.

Elaine Morall - Died 2nd November 2017 - Universal Credit COD

Manchester Evening News Coverage: Click Here.

We can but hope that Elaine’s local constabulary, Cheshire Police do their duty. Unlikely on current form. But there is hope if disgusting officers such as these two get the sack (here). The DWP/Politicians that cause deaths such as that of Elaine Morrall have known Universal Credit and the whole malfunctioning Iain Duncan-Smith welfare reform mess has been lethal for years. It has been proven to by fatal ever since Stephanie Bottrill left her suicide note blaming the government welfare cuts for her death. We have HM Coroners sending the government Reports To Prevent Future Deaths (here) and no one at the DWP listens.


Daniella Obeng. Number 63.

Echoes of “I Daniel Blake”…

Calums List - Please - No More

A British singer-songwriter was found dead after travelling abroad to find work when her disability benefits were cut off by some yet to be named official at the DWP.

Daniella Obeng, 32, had been living with a brain tumour and epilepsy, when she was found dead on 25 September 2017. Just about a year after the film: “I Daniel Blake” was released. Will the DWP and government ministers such as Iain Duncan Smith, Damien Green, Esther McVey (and that strange bloke from Wales that nobody can remember) ever learn? Slowly but surely the mountain of evidence against culpable Secretaries of State and those who send the disabled off to die is being collated to form the basis of a court case. Those in charge of culling the sick in the UK should be getting worried around now (March 2018).

Click Here For The News Report For Daniella Obeng


Lawrence Bond. Number 64.

More Echoes of “I Daniel Blake” (here)…

Lawrence Bond RIP

Lawrence Bond – Rest In Peace

Our friend, journalist John Pring raises important questions about one of HM Coroners. At best, several may be guilty of incompetence; at worst Malfeasance in Public Office. This is our view. As a disturbing example, when you look at the history of Dr Brittain in his coronial duties it is not the finest reflection of that vocation and raises serious questions about HM Coroner rules to prevent “future deaths” and protect vulnerable people. We believe that after reading some of these cases…

Dr Brittain’s Case Book: Some Extracts: Click Here 

…the performance of Dr Brittain should be independently audited. In relation to the tragic death of Lawrence Bond a 10 minute quickie in front of Richard Brittain is highly questionable on so many levels.

The Disability News Service couches the problem of coroners failing to prevent further deaths in more delicate terms, we quote…

“A coroner has declined to explain why he failed to take evidence on the apparent links between the government’s “fitness for work” test and the death of a disabled north London man.

An inquest into the death of 56-year-old Lawrence Bond, was expected to hear details of how he was found “fit for work” last autumn and then visited Kentish Town jobcentre hours before he collapsed and died in the street on 12 January.

Despite the failure of assistant coroner Dr Richard Brittain to examine those aspects of the case, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has confirmed that it is carrying out an internal, confidential investigation – known as an internal process review – into the circumstances of Bond’s death.

The former electrical engineer had visited the jobcentre earlier on the day he collapsed and died from a heart attack, and was awaiting the result of an appeal against being found fit for work.

There had been hopes that the inquest at St Pancras Coroner’s Court would hear from the healthcare professional from the government contractor Maximus who had assessed Bond and found him fit for work, as well as jobcentre staff who had seen him on the day he died.” End quote.

Calum’s List believe that HM Coroner Richard Brittain failed Lawrence Bond and his family. Just as bad, Dr Brittain is likely to condemn other vulnerable people to avoidable death due to his failure in discharging his coronial duties relating to “prevention of future deaths” statute (here).

Click Here For Full Article: Lawrence Bond.


Original Calum’s List >>>


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Ian Blackford is a deeply unpleasant person. The current SNP leader at Westminster took LibDem leader, Charles Kennedy’s Ross Skye and Lochaber seat off of Mr Kennedy weeks before the LibDem leader died. Those last weeks of Charles Kennedy’s life were tormented by Ian Blackford to the point the SNP banker had to be reported to the police: here.

He made his predecessor