Please note this website is run by people who have disabilities and are often in hospital for extended periods. We shall make best efforts to reply promptly. But if we take a little longer please be forgiving of the delay. Many thanks.

Update: Apologies, but our main subscriber has been hospitalised. The remaining three here at Calum’s List are just holding on and struggling with various disabilities. This site is now remaining as a memorial to the friends who have died as  result of welfare reforms brought in during 2010,

We are now arranging to secure a small office from which to base this entity and a part-time administrator to progress the campaigning element of this website….

To find a better way where disabled people can stop dying prematurely.

Where disabled people can be helped back into work.

There has to be a better way.

As of June 2024, the last remaining person that had anything to do with this memorial website is currently in and out of hospital like a yo-yo. The old adage: “never take an old dog to the vets” applies in the case of Calum.

So, in the meantime for if/when the last of the list~makers returns, we cannot commend highly enough  the hard work and dogged determination of John Pring of the Disability Nes Service. John genuinely deserves an honour such as an O.B.E., for his tireless work to reduce the number of Welfare Reform Deaths. From our lot at Calum’s List, a heartfelt thankyou for all of your efforts John.

To read the very latest news from this honourable and decent person’s website for further and regularly updated information.

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