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To New Prime Minister Liz Truss: One Request For Now

Please Do Not Bring Iain Duncan Smith Into Government

Since the gentleman who started this website died, it was given to Calum. The “list” was destined to become a fairly simple memorial site to the friends’ of this site’s subscribers.

Liz Truss and iain Duncan Smith - End of Conservative Government

Iain Duncan Smith Next To new Prime Minister Liz Truss.

Is Mr Smith Destined For High Office Again?

With the advent of a new prime minister today and the new administration of this site, there is discussion that Liz Truss will bring Iain Duncan Smith back into government.

We would respectfully ask the new prime minster, please consider NOT doing this.

Iain Duncan Smith narrowly escaped a move to have him prosecuted under various alleged infractions of the law, including the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007

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The numerous bereaved families who have contact with us have enough in their life to cope with. If Iain Duncan Smith emerges from the shadows, that will be an insult to lethal injury that is too much to accept.

Whether he knew it or not, Mr Duncan Smith fading into the shadows was a smart move. If he comes back, the Conservatives will likely end up out of office.

But far worse, the horrendous list of welfare reform deaths will continue.

Iain Duncan Smith Taking From The Disabled With A Gerrymandered Welfare Reform System

Iain Duncan Smith Brought Misery

& Allegedly Death To Many Disabled People.

His return to government under Liz Truss is ill advised.

There may be political “favours” due by Liz Truss to Mr Duncan Smith. Insofar as anyone might suggest, perhaps a vice chairman of the Conservative Party would keep this man sufficiently away from the levers of power. But if Duncan Smith is appointed to a government ministry, he will strike fear into the hearts, minds and souls of tens of thousands of people with disabilities.

If that happens, then we will, regretfully have to build this site into a campaigning entity so that those culpable of many deaths are brought to account.

There are decent politicians. One example is the heartfelt and real-world help from fairly lone voices such as Mr John McDonnell McDonnell MP.

A Few Good Men & Women

There are some good  people that restore our faith in human decency. They make a vital difference. Below we discovered an incredibly emotional speech. The small team at Calum’s List were moved beyond words. Thank goodness for women and men of genuine integrity…

Original Parliamentary Hansard Warning To The DWP – Source: Here

So on this day, 6th September 2022 with the appointment of new prime minister Liz Truss, we would beg her NOT to resurrect Mr Iain Duncan Smith from whatever crypt he currently resides in.

Calum is non-political and wants to continue working. But for anyone who knows the challenges of life with a disability, it takes much more energy to do things that able-bodied folk can manage.

None of the folk at this website want to start fighting with government again. Please Mrs Truss, appoint a decent humane person to the position of Secretary of State for Work & Pensions.

Please also consider our request? To keep Iain Duncan Smith away from any government position would allow those who are bereft to grieve without salt being rubbed into raw wounds.

Keeping Mr Duncan Smith away from government is also likely to save lives.

Thank you.

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