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 News just in, 20th May 2019: DWP SoS Amber Rudd & Accomplices To Face Justice?

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 Welfare Reform Deaths – Memorial Pages


We know of these 60 welfare reform deaths from their friends and/or family contacting this website. The UK figure is nearer 4,000 but could be as high as 81,140 welfare reform deaths - government stats: click here. But we have only listed those folk whose family or friends – or even themselves before they die, have gotten in touch. To try and list 4,000 peoples’ deaths would kill off the small group left standing at this end of the website. There is already trauma at losing so many people, several of whom became close friends. So our list is just 60+. We really want this welfare reform death toll to stop. Please.

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 Amber Rudd & Imminent Court Date

The Killer on Calums List4

Amber Rudd: DWP Secretary of State & Legal “Directing Mind” – Click Here


Michael Moore started “Calum’s List” in 2012. Michael is now dead. The remaining subscribers here at this website cannot prove the DWP killed Mick; not to the burden of proof needed. But we who knew Michael Moore have no doubt that the DWP hastened and were culpable in his welfare reform death.

It has taken a long time and many disability deaths, but we have some good news. Tinged with some sad and bad news.

At last, as of 20th May 2019 we have now been handed a forensically documented case where the DWP officials were warned that their gerrymandered “Health Assessment” processes were causing a client to have hypertensive blood pressure crisis that was risking his life. Here is a callous example of this Russian Roulette approach the DWP adopt towards disabled citizens and their health, injury and death…

The Killer on Calums List

R Rose & DWP Official Peter Schofield Now Exposed To Litigation

The “normal” blood pressure of this disabled person was between 130 and 145mmHg over 85 to 95mmHg systolic/diastolic respectively.

Crucially the DWP and R. Rose, in particular, were WARNED BEFOREHAND of the danger to health and life that their gerrymandered systems were causing to this patient.

This is because of the fact he had witnessed so many DWP welfare reform deaths.

The repetitive effect on his blood pressure was for it to rocket sky-high at the prospect – and anger – of being in a room with these lethal “healthcare workers”. Many of whom who have signed and consigned hundreds of disabled people to their deaths. 

The Killer on Calums List3

This Patient’s “Normal” Blood Pressure Reading (witnessed).

Unfortunately, after reading the Lowestoft DRT Decision Notice letter, authored by “R. Rose” ignoring his pleas about DWP induced hypertensive blood pressure crisis in the letter above and a subsequent one-and-a-half-hour STRESSFUL telephone call to the DWP (1 hour 14 minutes on anxiety-inducing hold) the patient’s blood pressure went from 139/87mmHg UP to a lethal 205/111mmg. This telephone call was recorded by the DWP official and they were notified of the 205mmHg DWP induced hypertensive crisis (here). 

The Killer on Calums List5

By the time the patient had a witness to this DWP induced hypertensive blood pressure crisis 11 minutes laer, it had reduced to 196/109mmHg (still harmful/lethal)… 

The Killer Blow2

This Patient’s “DWP Health Assessment” Blood Pressure Reading (witnessed).

The DWP and “R Rose” were warned of the risk to life. Repeatedly. Yet Rose and ultimately Peter Schofield and Amber Rudd MP are responsible for what happened next.

The patient collapsed and was rushed to hospital. After two CT scans and an MRI, the neurosurgeon diagnosed a stroke. There was a TIA, but because cerebral infarction had occurred there was also a STROKE.

Even now, neither Rose, nor Schofield, nor Rudd appear at all bothered about the outcome of their actions.

The trouble is, this infraction of the law…. technically several statutes and common law crime, has been assiduously documented and witnessed. All ready for HM Court and due legal process.

It is tragic that someone has become very ill at the hands of these three DWP employees and their colleagues.

There is also a statistical, peer-reviewed increase of risk of death by the actions of Rose, Schofield and Rudd.

Consequently, if Calum’s List goes offline or has a very restricted narrative on this website in place of the current efforts to stop this carnage – and the memorial lists below – this is to avoid risk of infracting sub judice rules (here) or statutory equivalent.

We have long wondered about the MP Expenses Scandal causing several MPs and two Lords to be sent to prison for the “mere” act of theft.

If the judicial system jails miscreant MPs for nicking a few quid, what on earth will be the sentence for causing death by corporate manslaughter, et al?

Sad that it will take yet another tragedy to find out. But at least there is NOW ample evidence of how the DWP systemic failures and disreputable “health assessment systems” a.k. disability denial factory causes illness, injury, suicides and manslaughter.

The Killer on Calums List6

Too Late For This DWP Victim?

Too Late For Amber Rudd?

For seven years, those responsible at the DWP for this lethal welfare reform system have escaped any proper independent accounting of their toxic, deathly actions.

Now, in May and June 2019, upon receipt of detailed files, collated by a former police officer to procurators fiscal standard, we are on the verge of having sufficient evidence to help stop the gerrymandered deadly DWP welfare “Health Assessments” and seek a court order requiring a SAFER and NON-LETHAL system is put in its place.

This evidence is currently being reviewed by solicitors in preparation to present before HM Court, in Scotland.

The case will also grant a final wish, where the person whose arm you see showing the DWP induced blood pressure hypertensive crisis in the photograph above, will be able to look these DWP people in the eye and ask the sheriff (the name for a Scottish judge) for justice: for those DWP miscreants to face civil and/or criminal proceedings.

Notwithstanding what the judge might say after studying the evidence collated and presented by a trained, qualified and commended former police officer, there is a significant risk he will keel over and die of another DWP induced stroke in that stressful court environment.

In an sad twist of fate, he told us: “What better way to die, than in front of the DWP Secretary of State, Amber Rudd, with her sitting a few feet from me in the witness box, all before the presiding judge in a court room, with ample witnesses?”

What do you think the result of this might be?

Surely at this point, the sheriff may choose to have the miscreant DWP officials arrested or detained? Rose, Schofield and Rudd have had ample warning, yet persist in this torment and risk to life.

One way or another it is looking hopeful, at long last and after thousands of disability deaths that several DWP officials will go the same way as the MP Expenses crooks. Prison.


Earlier Update

So far, mass demonstrations, large petitions and DWP welfare reform deaths even being raised on the floor of the House of Commons have been ineffective in stopping these alleged DWP homicides. The exact words of John McDonnell effectively date-stamp DWP culpability to January 2013.

The television coverage of parliament below gives clear warning to the DWP that their welfare reform ASSESSMENTS cause 51% of vulnerable disabled people to have suicidal thoughts.

This assists in the evidential chain, potentially exposing the DWP to litigation for every welfare reform death after 17th January 2013. Six years of 81,140 WCA deaths coming back to the DWP to haunt those who were only following orders

Original Parliamentary Hansard Warning To The DWP – Source: Here

Several of the original Calum’s List subscribers have subsequently died, one of whom was in tears at this speech by John McDonnell…

“Someone who was mentally ill; went for the assessment and then had a nervous breakdown. It had an impact on the whole family, on his mother in particular. “

For seven years, the subscribers and followers of this website have been watching friends die where the DWP/ATOS/Maximus/Capita appear to any decent minded person, to have had culpability. The founder of Calum’s ListMichael Moore had several operations on his spine and suffered great stress at the hands of the DWP. Before he died of a heart attack, Michael helped many people on his main website…

It was on Michael Moore’ forum that Calum McLean first posted a link as he was worried about the new welfare reforms causing harm and even deaths. Calum was appalled to find that in 2012, there were 6 people who had died within the welfare reform “assessment” system where the DWP were implicated in culpability. Those six souls seemed like a high number back then.

Who knew DWP welfare reform deaths could reach a significantly large slice of the official 81,140 WCA “Health Assessment” ESA, IB and SDA claimant mortality statistics.

Thanks to Iain Duncan Smith, this death toll is just collateral damage and has been normalised in DWP minds.

Others added to the original Calum’s List. Many people who believed they would die at the hands of the DWP got in touch, became friends and have eventually ended up on this wretched list. Even Michael Moore, the founding host of this website died at the hands of the DWP and is, himself, now a name on Calum’s List: here.

After Michael Moore died, Calum’s List went offline and appeared to die too.

Then friend, Phil Lockwood re-established a revived Calum’s List website.

Phil is not yet on the list, but he became seriously unwell at the hands of Iain Duncan-Smith MP and Chris Grayling MP when they were in charge. Phil broke down and ended up in hospital seriously ill. Calum’s List memorial website expired and went completely offline again. But the DWP deaths kept on happening with sickening regularity. So a group of new friends resurrected this website for a third time and are intent on stopping these welfare reform deaths.

What next?

Clearly, the House of Commons and all those petitions and demonstrations have not yet come near to repairing this lethal DWP mess.

So the new group here believe the DWP may be halted or at least legally ordered to remedy the lethality of their process as a result of HM Court action.

In 2019 it may just happen. As of 20th May 2019 we have received a detailed DWP Subject Access Review file, along with forensic grade medico-legal evidence to mount the requisite civil and/or criminal litigation to help STOP this welfare reform death toll from increasing.

The DWP admit to their being 81,140 welfare reform deaths click here.

But they deny ANY culpability in 81,140 welfare related deaths. Aye right.

It takes just 1 out of 81,140 deaths where the DWP have culpability to HM Court standard for the logjam to become a flood of class-action lawsuits. If you were a betting person, would you reckon there might be just ONE of those cases where the DWP have criminal or civil law culpability?

Will DWP Secretary of State, Amber Rudd and her permanent secretary/accomplice Peter Schofield face justice?

Please check back with Calum’s List regularly to find out.

Here and Here and Here.


Calum’s List >>>> Latest Additions…

March/April 2019


Jodey Whiting. Number 63

Killed By DWP Errors

Jodey Whiting

Jodey Whiting. Killed By The DWP?

Joy Dove, mother of Jodey Whiting was “shocked” by the extent of the failings outlined in documents from the Independent Case Examiner (here).

Joy says: “This was awful. There was no need. They pushed her to it” suicide.

Jodey Whitings Mum

A Mum’s Worst Nightmare. Was Her Daughter Killed By The DWP?

The examiner found the DWP did not follow procedures which should have seen it telephone and visit Ms Whiting after she missed the appointment. Jodey’s mum is seeking legal advice over whether any further action is possible.

The DWP said it apologised to Ms Whiting’s family for “failings in how we handled her case”.

A spokeswoman added: “Our thoughts are with them at this difficult time and we are providing compensation.”

What compensation? HJodey is dead and the DWP cannot bring her back.

Readers of this can help Jodey’s mum and thousands of others. You can stop this carnage. Please consider signing the petition…

Jodey Whitings Petition

15,222 Signatures To Date

To Read & Sign This Petition

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Elaine Morrall. Number 62.

Died – 2nd November 2017

Cause of Death? Universal Credit?

Is it now time for manslaughter charges? Is it time to bring DWP civil servants and government ministers who were warned about these deaths by HM Coroners and doctors many years ago and failed in their duty of care? There are so many DWP deaths and a paper trail leading to DWP Decision makers + Atos + Capita + Maximus contractors. All the way up to private sector CEOs and DWP ministers such as Esther McVey, Chris Grayling and Iain Duncan-Smith. All linked indelibly to the Atosisation of UK disability payments? The result….

Elaine Morrall should not have died. Her death was entirely avoidable.

Elaine Morall - Died 2nd November 2017 - Universal Credit COD

Manchester Evening News Coverage: Click Here.

We can but hope that Elaine’s local constabulary, Cheshire Police do their duty. Unlikely on current form. But there is hope if disgusting officers such as these two get the sack (here). The DWP/Politicians that cause deaths such as that of Elaine Morrall have known Universal Credit and the whole malfunctioning Iain Duncan-Smith welfare reform mess has been lethal for years. It has been proven to by fatal ever since Stephanie Bottrill left her suicide note blaming the government welfare cuts for her death. We have HM Coroners sending the government Reports To Prevent Future Deaths (here) and no one at the DWP listens.


Daniella Obeng. Number 63.

Echoes of “I Daniel Blake”…

Calums List - Please - No More

A British singer-songwriter was found dead after travelling abroad to find work when her disability benefits were cut off by some yet to be named official at the DWP.

Daniella Obeng, 32, had been living with a brain tumour and epilepsy, when she was found dead on 25 September 2017. Just about a year after the film: “I Daniel Blake” was released. Will the DWP and government ministers such as Iain Duncan Smith, Damien Green, Esther McVey (and that strange bloke from Wales that nobody can remember) ever learn? Slowly but surely the mountain of evidence against culpable Secretaries of State and those who send the disabled off to die is being collated to form the basis of a court case. Those in charge of culling the sick in the UK should be getting worried around now (March 2018).

Click Here For The News Report For Daniella Obeng


Lawrence Bond. Number 64.

More Echoes of “I Daniel Blake” (here)…

Lawrence Bond RIP

Lawrence Bond – Rest In Peace

Our friend, journalist John Pring raises important questions about one of HM Coroners. At best, several may be guilty of incompetence; at worst Malfeasance in Public Office. This is our view. As a disturbing example, when you look at the history of Dr Brittain in his coronial duties it is not the finest reflection of that vocation and raises serious questions about HM Coroner rules to prevent “future deaths” and protect vulnerable people. We believe that after reading some of these cases…

Dr Brittain’s Case Book: Some Extracts: Click Here 

…the performance of Dr Brittain should be independently audited. In relation to the tragic death of Lawrence Bond a 10 minute quickie in front of Richard Brittain is highly questionable on so many levels.

The Disability News Service couches the problem of coroners failing to prevent further deaths in more delicate terms, we quote…

“A coroner has declined to explain why he failed to take evidence on the apparent links between the government’s “fitness for work” test and the death of a disabled north London man.

An inquest into the death of 56-year-old Lawrence Bond, was expected to hear details of how he was found “fit for work” last autumn and then visited Kentish Town jobcentre hours before he collapsed and died in the street on 12 January.

Despite the failure of assistant coroner Dr Richard Brittain to examine those aspects of the case, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has confirmed that it is carrying out an internal, confidential investigation – known as an internal process review – into the circumstances of Bond’s death.

The former electrical engineer had visited the jobcentre earlier on the day he collapsed and died from a heart attack, and was awaiting the result of an appeal against being found fit for work.

There had been hopes that the inquest at St Pancras Coroner’s Court would hear from the healthcare professional from the government contractor Maximus who had assessed Bond and found him fit for work, as well as jobcentre staff who had seen him on the day he died.” End quote.

Calum’s List believe that HM Coroner Richard Brittain failed Lawrence Bond and his family. Just as bad, Dr Brittain is likely to condemn other vulnerable people to avoidable death due to his failure in discharging his coronial duties relating to “prevention of future deaths” statute (here).

Click Here For Full Article: Lawrence Bond.


Original Calum’s List >>>>


Original Calum’s List…

1. Paul Reekie: Click Here For Report

Paul Reekie Calums List

Paul Reekie

Born 23rd January 1962. Died 10th June 2010

A doctor has claimed that Paul Reekie, a well respected author, was driven to suicide by the Government’s welfare reforms. Dr Stephen Carty, a Leith GP, told the welfare reform committee yesterday that letters informing Paul Reekie, his incapacity and housing benefits would be stopped were used as the suicide note of the iconoclastic poet and author. Dr Carty said: Paul Reekie took his life following a work capability assessment”.

Witness Dr Carty Click Here For Report

“He didn’t leave a suicide note. He left on his desk two letters. One was a letter from the Department for Work and Pensions informing him his incapacity benefit had been stopped and the other was from the council informing him his housing benefits had stopped.”


2. Richard Sanderson: Click Here For Report

An unemployed dad stabbed himself twice through the heart when his family faced losing their home to housing benefit cuts, an inquest chaired by HM Coroner Fiona Wilcox heard. Desperate Richard Sanderson, 44, drew up meticulous suicide plans after learning he could no longer afford the flat he shared with his wife and nine-year-old son. The family had received a letter stating their housing benefit would be cut by £30 a month, leaving them with ‘nowhere to go’, and provided to Westminster Coroners Court.


3. Stephanie Bottrill: Click Here For Report

Stephanie Bottrill

Stephanie Bottrill Committed Suicide: 4th May 2013 

Stephanie Bottrill, 53, from Solihull in the West Midlands, died in the early hours of 4 May after being hit by a lorry on the M6 near her home. Her family said she had been worried about how she would afford an extra £20 a week as a result of changes to her housing benefit. Conservative MP for Meriden Caroline Spelman said there were discretionary payments available for special cases. “I’m only so sorry that I didn’t receive a request for help from Mrs Bottrill and, of course, I stand ready to help her family,” said Mrs Spelman, in whose Meriden constituency Mrs Bottrill lived. Inquest held by HM Coroner Zafar Siddique.

++++++++++++ CALUM’S LIST CONTINUED ++++++++++++++

4. Paul Willcoxson: Click Here For Report

Paul Wilcoxson Remembered on Calums List

Paul Willcoxson

A man with mental health problems who was worried about benefit cuts killed himself while he was searching for a job on the south coast, an inquest heard. A suicide letter and next of kin note were found in which Paul Willcoxson  expressed concerns about Government cuts Southampton Coroner’s Court heard – chaired by Deputy HM Coroner Gordon Denson.


5. Leanne Chambers: Click Here For Report

Leanne Chambers Remembered on Calums List 4

Leanne Chambers

Leanne Chambers, aged 30 from Sunderland, drowned herself after receiving a Department of Work & Pensions brown envelope of despair, destitution and death – stating that she was fit to return to work. She had battled depression and the symptoms of this illness for years.


6. Christelle Pardo: Click Here For Report

Christelle Pardo - The Unthinkable Torment

Unthinkable Torment And A Step To Death

HM Coroner Dr Andrew Reid said: ‘She was not in a position around the time her son was born to be actively seeking work, and was not in a position to claim Income Support, which eventually stopped her housing benefit. In lay terms it seems a very parlous situation. Ms Pardo twice appealed against the decision to refuse income support and was in the process of taking the Department of Work and Pensions to a tribunal. Her last phone call to DWP was made the day before she died


7. Kayjah Pardo: Click Here For FOI Details

HM Coroner Dr Andrew Reid recorded a verdict of suicide for Christelle Pardo and a verdict of unlawful killing for the death of her son Kayjah Pardo. In its serious case review, the City and Hackney Safeguarding Children Board acknowledged what it called a ‘fundamental perversity’. The panel felt that Christelle may have developed severe depression. There were no concerns for their physical health or mental well-being, although she was becoming increasingly frustrated and demoralised at the continuing denial of benefits, and the protracted process of appealing against this decision…. the stresses arising from being refused benefits would have been the most significant factor in precipitating the development of mental illness. The Panel considered that [Christelle], in a developing psychosis, may have quite quickly come to see herself as a worthless person in a hopeless position. The Panel discussed the fact that her actions had brought about the death of her son, whom she loved. It was suggested that [Christelle] may not have seen herself and [Kayjah] as being separate – that they were, in her mind, a single entity, so that the appropriate action for her was inescapably also right for her son.

The review also highlighted ‘inadequate customer care’ by the DWP and made a recommendation that they ‘review the apparent anomaly identified in this case, which meant that financial support to a family was reduced when their needs became greater.’

As it turned out, an appeal tribunal in September 2010 ruled that Christelle Pardo qualified for permanent right to reside and was in fact entitled to benefits.


8. Elaine Christian: Click Here For Report

Elaine Christian, 57 was found dead in a drain, had been worried about attending a medical appointment to assess disability benefits, an inquest heard. A post mortem revealed she had died from drowning, despite having more than ten self-inflicted cuts on her wrists. The Coroner’s Inquest in Hull was told Mrs Christian had been worrying about a meeting she was due to have to discuss her entitlement to disability benefits.

Her spiralling health problems meant she had to give up her job at Cooplands bakery in Greenwich Avenue, where she was described as a cheerful, hardworking and trusted staff member.

Mr Christian told the inquest he had woken up on February 7 to find his wife of 28 years missing.

He discovered a suicide note, empty packets of painkillers and pools of blood.

Asked by Hull and East Riding Coroner Geoffrey Saul if anything had been troubling his wife, Mr Christian said: “She was upset about going to a medical appointment the next day.”

Despite the presence of a suicide note, which was not read out to the court, HM Coroner Mr Saul said he was unable to say, with certainty, that Mrs Christian had intended to kill herself at the drain.


9. Robert Christian: Click Here For Report 

DWP Collateral Damage – In May 2013, police were stationed outside the house in Staveley Road, Eeast Hull where widower Robert Christian lived. Robert suffered severe depressions, following the death of his wife Elaine Christian in 2011 where the Department of Work & Pensions were alleged to have some culpability. Elaine Christian drowned in Holderness. Police attended the home of Robert Christian, where an officer found a draft text message on his phone, saying “I am so sorry.”


Someone needs to stop THIS DWP  nightmare.


 10. David Clapson:  Click Here For Report 1

and also: Click Here For Report 2

David Clapson Remembered On Calums List

 David Clapson

David died in Stevenage, Hertfordshire with just £3.44 left in his account. In earlier employment as as a soldier, he faced death on a daily basis serving his country. when he left the British Army he went straight into the ­workplace with British Telecom before becoming a full-time carer for his sick mother.

After his mum went into a home, David turned to the state for help while he looked for work. But under the Coalition’s callous new benefits rules he had his £71.70 a week Jobseeker’s Allowance was “sanctioned”. Apparently because he missed an appointment with an adviser – the DWP have sanction targets in place. This can be proven, but the DWP deny it.

Stripped of his income, David Clapson could not afford food or electricity and died starving, ­penniless and alone at his home.

His death was from diabetic ­ketoacidosis – caused by not taking his insulin.

His distraught sister Gill Thompson believes he may have stopped injecting himself with the life-saving drug after becoming so desperate over his lack of cash and work, and not being able to afford electricity tokens to keep the fridge working. A vital thing as this kept his life preserving diabetetes medicine fit for purpose.

Diabetes sufferer David Clapson died from lack of insulin, 18 days after his Jobseeker’s Allowance was sanctioned in July 2014. His sister, Gill Thompson, said more than 211,000 people signed her petition calling for an inquiry.

David Clapson Death – Inquiry Into DWP Petition: Click Here

As of March 2015 this petition by David’s sister had 211,822 signatories. Parliamentary etiquette provides that any petition with over 100,000 signatures is “eligible” for a debate in the House of Commons. It is considered bad form not to allow this. So when will the debate into David’s DWP death, and hopefully ways to stop more DWP deaths be held?


11. George From Chesterfield: Click Here For Report

George From Chesterfield - Penman and Sommerlad on Calums List

George, from Chesterfield, Derbyshire, worked all his life, first as a miner and foundry worker, then as a communications engineer, until his first heart attack in 2006 when he was 53.

After marginal recovery George took a stint working self-employed. However after medical examination, his doctor told him to stop. George applied for ESA. This required an ATOS/DWP Work Capability Examination.

In George’s 39-minute exam by the DWP’s Work Capability assessors, ATOS, the “disability analyst” noted that George had angina, heart disease and chest pain, even when resting. But the assessor pontificated this wasn’t “uncontrollable or life-threatening” and George “should be able to walk at least 200 metres”.

The Atos report went to the Department for Work and Pensions, where George’s heart problems were ignored and he got six sick “points”, as he could only stand up for less than half an hour due to pain.

Short of the 15 points needed to get ESA, George was put on Jobseeker’s Allowance and told to find work. He appealed, waiting eight months for his case to go to an independent tribunal. There George got nine more points, as he could only walk 100 metres before stopping. He was put on the “work related activity” group where he got the lower rate of benefit and special help finding a suitable job.

After months of stress George collapsed and died of a heart attack, the day before another Atos medical. His widow is convinced the stress of claiming killed him.

Colin Hampton of the Derbyshire Unemployed Workers’ Centre says he’s had four identical cases.


12. Tuvalu Widow: Click Here For Discourse

Can anyone out there suggest a good solicitor so I can persue a criminal or civil prosecution against both Atos Healthcare and DWP.

My late husband died just before Christmas, although we were not together we were still legally married and still cared for each others welfare. I was in Australia when he died and returned immediately to sort this out. I have been through his paper work and firmly believe the DWP were negligent, Cruel, Inept and he also suffered discrimination. I have a small occupational pension and am not on benefits myself, so they cannot threaten me with fear.

My late husband was only on ESA for a few months, and had not claimed any benefit for over 30 years. I would like a criminal case if possible, Civil if I have to. I cant find any records of court cases on the web. I would be really grateful for all suggestions

Thank you in advance, Tuvalu Widow.

Dear Tuvalu Widow, please get in touch : Contact Page


13. David Groves: Click Here For Report

 David Groves David Groves - Picture Roland Leon, SM

 David Groves: Picture – Roland Leon SM

David Groves, 56, died of a massive heart ­attack the night before his DWP/ATOS medical as he scoured the internet for ways to raise cash in case he lost his entitlement.

He had claimed incapacity benefit for three years after doctors ordered him to stop ­working following a heart attack and ­several strokes. His widow Sandra, 57, said being lumped in with “dole scroungers” and the fear of ­financial hardship had a­ ­devastating effect.

David – who worked for 40 years as a miner and telecoms engineer – had ­already gone through a stressful eight-month appeal process to keep his £91-a-week ­benefits.


14. Elaine Lowe: Click Here For Report

Elaine Lowe was a seriously ill woman who died just two days after her suicide attempt following a DWP Brown Envelope of Destitution Despair & Death stopped her the incapacity benefit. This information was provided to HM Coroner at a formal inquest in Westminster.

The Coroner’s Court was told she had received a letter from the Department of Work and Pensions saying she should go back to work. The 53-year-old, who suffered life-limiting breathlessness because of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, was so distressed she took a cocktail of drugs. Dr Sana Hamid, who treated Ms Lowe at St George’s Hospital, Tooting, said: “She wasn’t depressed when I saw her but she added how distressed she had been about the decision by the Benefits Agency. She said that she saw the letter and decided to take her own life“. Witness Dr Hamid.

A suicide note had been left by Ms Lowe in a sealed envelope and some medication was around the floor, the court was told.


15. Shaun Pilkington: Click Here For Report


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