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UPDATE: Please can you copy the names from the memorial list from here, to your own website or Facebook or social media? We are almost last man/woman standing at Calum’s List and the future of this website  is uncertain. Any help from understanding and decent readers is very much appreciated. In essence, just let people know that there was a website that remembered those who have died because of UK Austerity and those people won’t be forgotten. Thank you.


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Sadly we have lost one of the original founders of this website. He died last year. We allege, as with the current 60 people on Calum’s List that have died, our friend was, in part, driven to an early death by the Department of Work & Pensions. Of the three original subscribers that established this website, all are disabled, and only one remains available to support the website being reinstated.

We need to point out to some journalists such as Brendan O’Neill that this site was started by people with disabilities, or bereft family members/friends of those who have died.

Calum’s List has two core aims:-

1] To STOP any more deaths where the Department of Work & Pensions has some alleged culpability.

2] To remember those who have died in these awful circumstances at the altar of austerity. A Memorial Page. We welcome other folk to remember these poor souls on their websites too, as there is the possibility this website will be lost once those left here die off. Please feel free to copy any/all the details on this website. 

Please also check back regularly as this site is brought back to its core purpose. To help make Welfare Reform FAIR.

Last but not least, if just ONE more…


 Department of Work & Pensions

Brown Envelope of Despair, Destitution & Death


….lands through some vulnerable persons letterbox and results in harm to that person, then the legal advice we now have from Counsel and the Metropolitan Police is to progress a formal complaint.

After the death of Stephanie Bottrill, there is certainly enough evidence to commence legal proceedings. But we do NOT wish to go that way. Far better that the government make Welfare Reform FAIR.

Iain Duncan Smith Taking From The Disabled With A Gerrymandered Welfare Reform System

DWP Minister Iain Duncan Smith: Using A Toxic Gerrymandered System To Take From The Disabled.

Is it really too much to ask that the most vulnerable in a civilised society have at least a FAIR share of the Long Term Economic Plan cuts, and not some gerrymandered, toxic and lethal system concocted by some very unpleasant people extracting an unbearable burden of money, health and life from those who can least afford to fight the crushing oppressive DWP system of sanctions gone mad, minus all the rest of Iain Duncan Smith’s ways to take what pittance the disabled have to live on, off of them?

Thank you.

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